Monday, August 19, 2013

Help your JCRD Trainwrecks get to Oregon!

JCRD Trainwrecks are bouting in Oregon September 7th and 8th and we need your help to get there!
Anything helps, and right now we are just over 10% to our goal. With your help you can bring us a little closer to our WFTDA bouts in the Beaver state!

Monday, October 29, 2012

endings and new beginninings

Well, the last games were played for the 2012 season.  Junction City Roller Dolls went out with a bang - first beating FoCo in a WFTDA sanctioned bout and then battling against each other in an exciting Halloween expo game.  Plenty of blood and gore was seen in the costumes, but only hard work and dedication by the skaters on the track.  Thanks to the amazing fans, volunteers, officials, and skaters we had an amazing season.  And a special thanks to FoCo for coming and playing us - what a fun and challenging game to end the season!

Yet, this is not the end.  We are already planning games for the 2013 season and will be busy preparing for those games in our off season.  We are always looking ofr ways to become better skaters, teammates, and community members.   We love our fans and want to give back to Ogden!  So, while you may not see us on the track in the next 3 months, look for us around town at charity and social events.

If you don't want to wait for a game, come join us skating!  Tonight is our meet and greet.  Come to our 7 pm practice and see what derby is about form the inside.  You don't need gear tonight, just an open mind and in < 3 months you'll be making your debut in our season opener game!  See ya there.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Last bout of season is next weekend!

I can't believe it's time for the last bout of the season already!  We have had such a great year I don't want to see it end.  Except, I know that next year will be even better.

Do you have your costume ready?  It's halloween soon and we will be giving prizes for best costumes. 

Are you ready for the SNOW?  We will be giving away a PBR snowboard in our raffle!  I'm saving $ now to get myself some raffle tickets.  I guess there is one advantage to having an off-season for whomever wins - time to snowboard!

Are you thinking about getting off the sidelines and into the game?  We have a meet 'n greet at our first practice after the bout, Monday October 29.  Come to Golden Spike Arena at 7 pm and see what it is REALLY like to be a roller derby player.

Check us out on facebook or at our website for more information.

I look forward to seeing you and HEARING you cheer us on at our bout this October 27.  See ya there!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Nearing End of Season

The 2012 season is almost over.  This has been a great year for Junction City - we started with a merging of two leagues in Ogden to make one fabulous league, our travel team has won more games then any previous season, and we are ending with a double-header Halloween expo bout and game against FoCo Girls Gone Derby on October 27th.  

Right now, we are predicted to beat FoCo ( but we aren't taking this for granted and need FAN SUPPORT to help cheer us on and make it happen.  

So, get your tickets now and come cheer for our teams, say fare well for a couple of months, and maybe even win the best costume contest (one for adults and one for kids). Stay afterwards to dance and party with the league and FoCo!

While you're there at our bout...think about BECOMING A DERBY GIRL yourself.  That's right, we will have an open practice on Monday October 29.  Grab a flyer at the game and then come and see if you have what it takes to do it yourself.  You do!  We promise.  No gear needed for this first meet and greet-style event.  Just be there at 7 pm and we'll take it from there. What better way to enjoy the holiday season and stay in shape!

Check out our website and FB page for details on both of these events.  See ya at the Bout!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last events of the season!

 Come on out and support your local roller derby at the last bout of the season October 27. Get your tickets here or from your friendly neighborhood derby girl! This one is a double header as the Trainwrecks are out for revenge against FoCo Girls Gone Derby (Trainwrecks lost to them earlier this season - it's time to turn the tables), then, 'tis the season -- our theme bout of "Slumber Party vs Psycho Killers" to get your Halloween on!

Then, as off-season fast approaches, this is your chance to get in with the girls and get your skate on so that you too can join the bouting fun next season! Come see what derby is all about in an informal meet n' greet at our practice, no gear required. If you like what you see, you have a week to get geared up and then join us for our off-season training in preparation for 2013.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Double Header - JCRD Trainwrecks vs Choice City Rebels AND JCRD Home Team Championships

August 25th at Davis Conference Center - get your tickets here or from your local derby girl!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

JCRD Fireworks - 2012

Fourth of July and Pioneer Day are almost upon us - are you ready?

Come out and support your local Roller Dolls in their biggest fund raiser yet! We are selling Black Cat Fireworks in Clearfield at the Main St. Baskin Robbins (425 State St). Yes, there are some fire issues happening in the State of Utah right now, but that shouldn't stop anyone from purchasing their pyrotechnics from us!